Eye tracking research shows how people look at a page.

These examples are based on actual eye-tracking.


Pictures of people attract attention.

Faces particularly are the first things people look at.

This shows the eye trail as tracked as people looked at this ad.

Note that the trail leads to the copy and message.


Siegfred Vogele was Dean of the Institute for Direct Marketing in Munich, West Germany. Below is a visual representation of how the eye deciphers a letter.

1. Who is writing to me?
2. How is he addressing me? What does he want?
3. Who has signed the letter?
4. Should I read the letter?
5. Of what benefit will the letter be for me?
6. Why is he writing to me in particular?
7. Do I need this?
8. How have I dealt with this need in the past?
9. What benefit does this offer me now?
10. Who can prove this?
11. How can I find out more?
12. What should I do?

This is a heat-map showing the areas on a web page which attract the most attention.