Our consultancy standardly begins with a review of your past marketing, to see what worked and what didn't. This will include:

Review of past promotion

What did it actually do for sales and stats? What was the cost versus benefit? This gives a benchmark to measure future promotion.

Consumer research

We ask your customers what they think. We can find out why you lost customers, and what new ones are looking for. We find out who they are and how to reach them. Surveys reveal underlying attitudes, and what customers are looking for.


All this research leads to better advertising. But it will also help when you need to make strategic decisions. Things like how to position or brand your company. Surveys replace a lot of guesswork.

Our experience

We’ve been doing surveys and marketing for 35 years. We work with owners and managers and help them get their marketing working.

Once we’ve done the surveys, we also help you put the results into practice.

You will  want to judge our results in sales – and so you should. We’ll help you put in systems to do just that.

We do impression testing and run small campaigns to test out the best ads.

PR messages , web and print promotion, leaflets and brochures can all be tested.