Precision advertising

Google Adwords offers almost perfect targeting to potential customers. It has a very low cost entry point but can be rapidly scaled up.

Expert management is needed - it is a very complex tool, and very powerful when properly run.

Increasing management quality results in better placement, and lower cost-per-click. Most importantly, tracking analytics allow ads to be targeted at those visitors most likely to purchase once they have reached the site.

Google Partners

We have been trained by Google, and we're fully certified by Google to manage your AdWords Search advertising. We use sophisticated software tools to enable the kind of granular optimisation that makes AdWords campaigns run like well-oiled machines. 

AdWords management

Depending on your business goals we can optimise your campaigns towards higher exposure, more sales leads, or more direct sales.

Adwords campaigns work best when run hand-in-hand with website management. We usually manage both of these directly to achieve best results.
The return on AdWords investment can be clearly seen and managed at all points of the sales cycle. It is the most transparent and measurable form of advertising yet invented.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

AdWords works even better if campaigns are done in tandem with Search Engine Optimisation: a complex field that unfortunately attracts many less-than-expert practitioners.

We're very pleased to be working in partnership with a real expert who has a proven track record in stably creating business for clients, by pushing their websites up to the top of search engine results. This includes:

  • Website creation/optimisation, with careful attention to excellent coding and optimisation for search engines, able to rank well  in Search Results
  • Search Engine Optimisation campaigns that improve the authority and prominence of your website on key subjects. This creates organic reaches and business.
  • Accurate tracking systems for measurement of results and calculation of return on investment
  • Ongoing management of prominence in search engine results

SEO, unlike AdWords, may take some time to show its benefits. However, once a good prominence has been achieved it can be expected to continue bringing results for the long term. In the long run, it is almost always very cost-effective.


We charge a management fee for AdWords accounts based on size of the monthly AdWords budget. For budgets below £1500 we charge a flat monthly management rate, plus additional fees for setting up the campaign and for major account reviews.

For larger budget accounts we charge a setup fee and a percentage of AdWords spending.

You should also know that Google's policies insist on our being transparent about our billings. See the relevant Google policy here.

SEO campaigns are quoted individually.

Is Adwords right for my business?

Probably. Almost certainly, in fact. If your customers use Google, then yes. There are different ways to use Adwords, and it can be targeted very precisely.

Business to business campaigns and consumer campaigns are both perfectly suitable.


Case study - Home repairs

A home repair company approached us after recently paying for a new look to their very old and outdated site. The new website had failed to demonstrate any business improvement.

We analysed the company's AdWords and the activity of visitors to their website. Some simple but expensive mistakes in their AdWords campaigns were eliminated.

Next we did some detailed planning, working backwards from the desired goal of a web visitor requesting a quotation.

Small experiments using different possible solutions, were done. The best-producing alternatives were taken forward.

We applied the planning to the website, and simultaneously to the AdWords campaigns.  Our work included detailed recording of visitor behaviour for ongoing analysis.

After 6 weeks the client was receiving more valid visitor enquiries in a day than they previously had in a week, at less than half the total cost. 

The campaign and website continue to monitored and adjusted to continue the improvement.

Case study - Emergency service

A national emergency service company that had relied on leaflets, business cards and paid referrals was struggling to maintain profitability as the number of competitors grew rapidly over the course of two years.

The service was well suited to a mobile Adwords campaign, and we began by diverting a small proportion of their marketing to an Adwords campaign. The competition followed suit, but our tightly managed campaign gradually established our client as the market leader and established solid profitability. We capitalised on this with a more sophisticated web presence and Adwords, which has now helped the company grow to about 10 times its earlier size over the course of 5 years.