Precision advertising

Google Adwords offers almost perfect targeting to potential customers. It has a very low cost entry point but can be rapidly scaled up.

Expert management is needed - it is a very complex tool.

Increasing management quality results in better placement, and lower cost-per-click. Most importantly, tracking analytics allow ads to be targeted at those visitors most likely to purchase once they have reached the site.

AdWords management

Depending on your business goals we can optimise your campaigns towards higher exposure, more sales leads, or more direct sales.

Adwords campaigns work best when run hand-in-hand with website management. We usually manage both of these directly to achieve best results.
The return on AdWords investment can be clearly seen and managed at all points of the sales cycle. It is the most transparent and measurable form of advertising yet invented.

Google Partners

We have been trained by Google and awarded Google Partner status.

A case study

A home repair company approached us after recently paying for a new look to their very old and outdated site. The new website had failed to demonstrate any business improvement.

We analysed the company's AdWords and the activity of visitors to their website. Some simple but expensive mistakes in their AdWords campaigns were eliminated.

Next we did some detailed planning, working backwards from the desired goal of a web visitor requesting a quotation.

Small experiments using different possible solutions, were done. The best-producing alternatives were taken forward.

We applied the planning to the website, and simultaneously to the AdWords campaigns.  Our work included detailed recording of visitor behaviour for ongoing analysis.

After 6 weeks the client was receiving more valid visitor enquiries in a day than they previously had in a week, at less than half the total cost. 

The campaign and website continue to monitored and adjusted to continue the improvement.