2-way Communications

Marketing & PR services for medium-size and small businesses

  • Market research and surveys
  • Analysis of past marketing
  • Online and Traditional advertising
  • Web design
  • Adwords management
  • PR consulting and media campaigns

Our clients use us as an external PR and marketing department: we provide the expertise without the overheads. But we do get involved. 

We work directly with owners and company executives to target marketing and PR efforts towards achieving business goals.

Advertising and marketing shouldn't be hit and miss. Although expensive examples of wasted advertising budgets are easy to find, a scientific approach is not only possible but highly desirable. Online advertising, in particular, makes measurement and transparently relatively straightforward. For medium and small businesses this means that effective marketing is more possible than ever before.

We are Google-certified AdWords specialists and make full use of sophisticated tools to maximise the reach and profitability of our clients' on-line advertising.

But as we don't yet live completely inside our computers, there is still a real world to contend with - algorithms can't do all the work. We are usually asked to provide an exterior viewpoint on a client's presentation of their products and on their customers, and this is the best place to start.

The tools are analysis of past promotion, surveys, market research, and test campaigns. Strategy and planning can then be well-informed. The 'Resources' page on this website (here) lists several key texts that we endorse and recommend on the subject of strategising. 

Our own experience is in marketing and PR, and we can combine both disciplines to help your company in its efforts to survive, and to survive well. 

We'd be happy to discuss your business and, as a starting-point, conduct an initial review of your promotional efforts.

Talk to us about a free review of your marketing.

Email info@2waycomm.uk or call 01342 01342 529950 / 07429 177759